Sunflower Flax Half Loaf

Sunflower Flax Bread

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Quick Facts

  • Our most health-conscious bread 
  • Sunflower and flax seeds are sprouted to increase digestibility
  • Made with Wake Robin Farm whole wheat flour and our sourdough starter 
  • Easy to cut into thin slices due to high density and square loaf shape 
    • Loaves are roughly 2 lbs.


Sunflower Flax Bread is good to toast and spread with sweet or savory spreads such as jam, peanut butter, avocado, melted cheese, or just butter. It is made with our sourdough starter and our own 100% whole wheat flour. The sunflower and flax seeds are sprouted 2 days before the bread enters the oven in order to soften them and increase their digestibility. 

We bake our Sunflower Flax Bread in pullman loaf pans—long, narrow bread pans that have a lid. Pullman pans produce extraordinarily square loaves that are great for sandwiches and easy to slice. They also allow us to bake the Sunflower Flax Bread longer at high temperatures, without burning the top of the bread. 


Wake Robin Farm whole wheat flour, sunflower & flax seeds, water, salt, yeast 

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