Daily Bread

Daily Bread

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 Quick Facts 

  • Our tangiest sourdough
  • About 70% whole wheat
  • An everyday sandwich loaf


Daily Bread is our go-to sandwich loaf. About 70% whole wheat, it's made with both spring and winter wheats (Expedition & Bolles).

Leavened with a big dose of our whole wheat starter, it's our tangiest sourdough. Baked in Pullman pans without lids, our Daily Bread loaves have tall sides and a low crown—the ideal shape for hearty lunchtime sandwiches that will carry you until dinner.

Like all our whole grain breads, our Daily Bread is made with wheat that's grown, milled, and sifted on our farm in Jordan. Shaped by hand and baked fresh every Friday, our Daily Bread is a tangy and nutrient-dense standby among our weekly lineup of breads.



Wake Robin Farm flour, water, salt, sourdough starter 

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