Cracked Wheat Bread

Cracked Wheat Bread

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 Quick Facts 

  • A chewy, yeasted, whole grain bread
  • Lightly sweetened with local honey
  • Made with flour and cracked wheat produced start to finish on our farm


What's cracked wheat? Well, it's simply wheat kernels that we've cracked with our crimping machine.
We make a porridge by boiling cracked wheat with water, then mix into the dough to make this bread. About 15% of the weight of this dough is from the porridge, which gives our Cracked Wheat bread a chewy, pleasant texture.
Both the cracked wheat and the flour in this bread are made with a variety called Expedition, a hard red winter wheat that we grow on our farm. When we're milling the flour for this bread, we sifts out about 30% of the bran—just enough to lighten it up a bit.
A pre-fermented dough gives this bread its rising power and flavor. A third of the flour in this bread is made into a pre-fermented dough, giving the enzymes a head start and leading to a mildly sweet, malty flavor in the finished product.
The sweetness in this bread also comes from a small dose of local honey (and the care that we put into farming and baking). All in all, our Cracked Wheat bread is packed with local ingredients, flavor, and nutrition!


Wake Robin Farm flour & cracked wheat, water, salt, yeast

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