Raisin Bread

Raisin Bread

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 Quick Facts 

  • A whole grain sourdough bread
  • Sweetened only with raisins
  • Packed with fiber and flavor


Our favorite breakfast bread, Raisin bread is dense with whole grains and nutrition and sweetened only with raisins. One of the first breads we ever made with our own flour, our Raisin Bread is about 80% whole wheat, and features both Expedition and Bolles, the two hard red wheat varieties we grow.

The distinctive square shape of our Raisin Bread comes from baking it in Pullman pans with lids. Pullman pans were historically used on railroad trains for efficiency, but we use them because we like the way this bread rises and bakes in this shape.

Loaded with raisins and leavened with our whole wheat sourdough starter, this bread is high in fiber and packed with flavor. Pop a slice in the toaster, spread some butter or cream cheese on top, brew some coffee or tea, and you're ready to start the day!


Wake Robin Farm flour, water, raisins, salt, sourdough starter

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