April  2009

It's open season for wake robin hunting - both the wildflower and Wake Robin products!  Our farm mascot, also known as purple trillium, is in full bloom in the woods this week, and we open for on-farm sales this Friday.  
Wake Robins are protected wildflowers, so please hunt them only with your camera!  We chose this beautiful plant as our logo for its pure simplicity, and because it flowers at our favorite time of year, just when the land is coming alive and our outdoor farm work begins for the year.
Wake Robin in bloom
News this month
Open for On-Farm Sales
A True Family Farm
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Mystery Cheese Revealed
Open for On-farm Sales
Starting today, April 24, we'll be open everyday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Our farm stand
Our farm stand is pretty basic - really just a self-serve cooler stocked with our fresh milk, yogurts, and artisan cheeses.  But coming out to the farm does offer the chance to see our farm and processing facility, meet our family, and see our cows grazing in their pastures! 
We'll be open through the growing season, and possibly beyond if we develop a good following at the farm.  Please give us a call if you need directions to the farm.  
A True Family Farm
Our farm is really a family affair - it's just me, my husband, our son, and my cousin, Amanda.  Since our parents both live within 3 miles of our farm, they visit often,  helping us to weave the tapestry of work and play throughout our days.  So last month, when my mom retired from National Grid, we gave her a card that read "Congratulations on your retirement.." on the front, and "You're Hired!" on the inside. 
My mom is volunteering her time and talents on the farm very regularly now, and as her supervisor, I'm glad to report she's a quick study!  She's been landscaping, running errands, and taking over our bookkeeping, not to mention cooking meals and taking Hugh on fun adventures!  She'll also be helping us at the Farmer's Markets this season - her name is MaryBeth, which you might see embroidered on her official Wake Robin vest.  
Thanks Mom! 
 Visit us on Facebook

Find us on Facebook

 We love to hear from you, our loyal customers. That's why we put our contact information on our website and on every product we make. Now, thanks to our employee and technology guru, Amanda,  you can find us on Facebook too! It's another way for you to be involved in our farm and share your comments with us. You can also see pictures of the farm, find out about upcoming events, get sneak peaks at new products (see below), and stay in the loop about happenings at Wake Robin Farm. To find us on Facebook, type Wake Robin Farm into the search box, or click on the link above. We look forward to hearing from you!
Mystery Cheese Revealed 
Your reward for making it to the bottom of this newsletter is finding out what our new cheese is!  We dropped a hint about it on our Facebook page (see above) a couple of weeks ago, and since it's a fresh cheese, we'll be selling it this week at our farm and at the CNY Regional Market! 
We're going to stick with the traditional name on this cheese - we'll spell it the Welsh way,  Caerffili,  on our labels (some spell it Caerphilly).   It is pronounced (care-FILL-ee), but Hugh likes to joke that we made it very carefully!
This is a salty, tangy, semi-soft cheese that is presented two ways: fresh and aged.  The fresh version is rindless, and is eaten at about 2 weeks old.  We'll be offering the fresh version with a coat of red wax this week, and we're also attempting to develop a natural rind on some wheels that we will be aging to 3 months, so stay tuned!
Your Farmers,
Bruce & Meg Schader
$1 off a half gallon of our fresh milk
Print this coupon and present it to us at the CNY Regional Market, from 7 am to 1 pm  every Saturday, or right at our farm stand, everyday from 7 am to 7 pm.
See you then!
Good through Saturday, May 2.  One coupon per family, please.