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We produce only one kind of milk: whole, pasteurized, cream on top milk.

Our milk is "udder run," which means that it is not standardized. We do no separate the milk from the cream and then recombine it like most creameries, so our milk is truly a reflection of the season and with what our cows are eating.

We do run our milk through our small vat pasteurizer. This is also known as low temperature pasteurization, as our milk is heated only to about 150 degrees using this method. This is a more traditional way of pasteurizing than the high temperature, short time approach used by most commercial dairies. The lower temperature of our vat pasteurization preserves more of the life in our milk.

Our Jersey cows produce milk with higher butterfat content than other dairy breeds, and since much of the flavor in milk is in the cream, our milk is creamy and full of flavor. Because we do not homogenize our milk, the rich, yellow cream rises to the top, so our label includes the instruction to "Shake Well."

Wake Robin milk has a distinctive golden hue, especially during the grazing season, as the milk reflects the fresh pasture. In the winter, our cows eat hay, which is just preserved grass. When we feed a particularly green batch of hay during the winter, we see the results in the milk can the next day!

We marked all of our milk directly to you, the final consumer, so our processing schedule reflects that fact. Since milk is our most perishable product, and because our biggest sales day is Saturday, we process our bottled milk on Friday mornings. It is ready for sale at the farm on Fridays at noon - from cow to consumer within 12 hours!

Wake Robin Whole Milk

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