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Meet Our Cows

We milk about 12 cows year round. This is our roster of milking cows as of May 2013 - check back for updates as heifers graduate into the milking herd and older cows retire.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Sister to Adelia, Abby has the same white sport, but a much larger frame. She suffered from a twisted stomach in the winter of 2013, but thanks to a skillful surgery performed by our vet, she is still with us today.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


One of the first calves born on our farm, Adelia is now 7 years old. Although she is a small cow, her seniority in the herd makes her think she runs the farm!

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Meg's dad, Carl, was jealous that the women in his family were getting cows named after them, so we names Carla after him. She is a carbon copy of her mother, Clover, one of our first 4 cows.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Named for our friend Mike at Mu Mu Muesli, Michelle joined the milking herd in the spring of 2013. Learning to be milked can be a challenge for some heifers, but Michelle has been easy to work with so far.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


This picture, taken in 2010, shows Ida as an adolescent. She's a milking cow now, so she's a little bit bigger, but she still acts like a teenager.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


A five year old cow, Gert has a "unique" personality. That's a nice way of saying that she is stubborn and mean, and likes to kick Meg. Thankfully, she tolerates Bruce!

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Jan arrived on the farm in January of 2009. She is a solid, calm, kind cow who keeps to herself and produces a full bucket of milk twice a day.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Daughter of Nora, one of our all time favorite cows, Ellen is not the bravest cow in the herd, but she is very outgoing with dogs - especially our golden retriever.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Sister to Rosie, Nadia also got their mother's red coat. She is a quirky, inquisitive cow who is always first on the scene when visitors come by.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Born in the winter of 2006, Rosie is a picture perfect cow with a red coat. She has a full set of horns, and show knows how to use them with her peers, but thankfully she does not use them on us.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Sweet Sally is the kindest cow in our barn. She is a three-quarter cow, which means that one of her teats does not produce milk, but that doesn't stop her from making lots of milk from the other 3.

Wake Robin Farm Cows


Our most cunning cow, Sara is a beauty, but she's also a stinker! Sara is quick on her feet and has let us on more than one "wild cow chase" around the farm!



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