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Our Story

In the spring of 1999, when the Wake Robin (trillium) flowers were blooming in the woods, we plowed up a couple acres of family land to start our farm. We grew organic vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers for 7 years, expanding into about 15 acres of crops and establishing a CSA, a local customer base, and a home on the farm.

Over the course of several growing seasons, we realized that our farm, with it's sloping fields and clay soil, was not well suited to vegetables. We knew we wanted to keep farming, but we felt we needed to find a different way of farming in order to make a living for our family, which now included our son, Hugh. We started to think about diversification and value added opportunities, and since Bruce grew up on a dairy farm, cows seemed a natural fit.

After years of planning, building, and seeding, we bought our first 4 Jersey cows in 2006. Initially, we processed all of our milk into cream on the top yogurt. Our yogurt was a success in our local market, so we soon tripled our milking herd to 12 cows.

Since that time, our herd has grown to about 30 Jersey cows, including our heifers and calves. We milk about 12 cows, depending on the season, and our family of 3 still does all the work on our 75 acre farm. We continue to make the same yogurt we started with, and have expanded our product line to include: cream on the top whole milk, fresh cheese curds, and several different varieties of fresh and aged cheeses.

All of our products are made start to finish on our farm - the 3 of us do everything from baling hay, to milking cows, to processing and selling our products. We enjoy our way of life, and we appreciate our customers, who make local food a priority in their lives.

Wake Robin Flower
Wake Robin Flower

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Meet the Wake Robin Farm cows

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our story

Wake Robin Farm
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