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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you milk your cows by hand?
We don't have a pipeline or bulk tank, but thankfully, we don't milk by hand! We milk with DeLaval style bucket milkers.

Why are your products so yellow?
Jersey cows naturally make more yellow colored milk, and the color of their milk intensifies when they eat fresh grass.

Is your farm organic?
Our farm is not certified organic, but our cows are pastured, we feed organic grain, and we do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our hay or pasture land.

Are your cows grass-fed?
Yes, our milking cows move into new pasture every 12 hours during the growing season, and they have access to the outdoors all year round.

Do you feed grain to your cows?
Although our milking cows mostly eat pasture and hay, we supplement this with a small amount of grain each day to maintain their body condition and keep their milk high in protein.

Do you sell raw milk?
We do not have a permit to sell raw milk. For a list of farms that do, visit: www.realmilk.com/real-milk-finder

Why isn't the nutritional info on your yogurt containers?
Since we don't standardize our milk before making it into yogurt, the components of our milk vary from batch to batch through the seasons. However, you can find an estimate of the values by clicking here.

Can I bring back my used yogurt containers?
Unfortunately, dairy processing regulations prohibit us from re-using our containers. The good news is that if you live in Onondaga County, you can put our yogurt cups in your blue bin for recycling!

How did you learn to make cheese?
Mostly by trial and error, combined with a lot of research and a few workshops.

Does your family take vacations?
Since we milk our cows twice a day, our "family vacations" have to fit into a 10 hour window. Thankfully, we live in a beautiful area with lots of things to do and see within an hour's drive!

Do you really make all of your products from the milk of 12 cows?
Yes, it's really true! All of our milk, yogurt and cheese is from the milk of our own herd! We don't buy milk from other farms, and we don't sell milk to other processors. We are proud to say that everything is handmade, start to finish on our farm.

Do you do tours, workshops, or consulting?
Because we are truly a small, family operation, all of our time and energy goes into running our farm. While we don't offer formal "tours", customers are welcome to come to the farm to see the operation anytime. As for workshops and consulting, we'll leave that to someone else!

How many cows do you have?
We have about 30 cows on our farm. We milk about 12 cows year-round, so the others are "dry" cows and heifers that are too young to make milk yet.

Do you sell lowfat milk, or butter?
Funny you should ask, because we'd probably sell lowfat milk if we sold butter. We'd love to make butter, but since butter is made just from cream, we'd have to separate our cream from our milk, and our small farm just doesn't make enough milk for this process to be feasible.

Do you make smaller sized yogurt containers?
We wish we could, but we also have logistical challenges with this, so for the time being, all of our yogurt is in quart containers.

Do you sell your products outside of Central New York?
Nope - all of our products are sold within a 20 mile radius of our farm! This means that we get to know most of our customers by name, which is what makes all the hard work worth it.

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